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The WECHULL+ project kicks off

The official Kick-off Meeting (KoM) was held on December 20th 2023 via teams. The meeting was structured as a 2-hour meeting to get to know one another and to go through the objectives, deliverables and administrative things.. The coordinator gave an overview over the whole project structure, followed by presentations by all the WECHULL+ partners. For the whole duration of the meeting open discussions and interactions opportunities among participants were strongly strengthened, fostering successful and proactive collaboration within the consortium.

10.00 – 10.45


·Welcome and Agenda, Who-is-who?​

·Presentation of all Partners, (5 min each, max 5 slides) ​

·Administrative (sharepoint, meetings etc) ​

·Expectations as coordinator​

·Main Goals and Objectives of the project​



10.50 –  11.00

Short break


11.00  – 12.00


·WP overview and interdependencies (Gantt Chart)​

·WP1 Project Coordination (RISE)

·WP2 Optimisation of Sustainable Concrete Material (RISE)

·WP3 Numerical design optimisation for different environments (Gdansk University)

·WP4 Prototype validation of concrete ballast systems (Floating PV) ​(Solarduck)

·WP5 Prototype validation of concrete WEC hulls (Ocean Harvesting Technologies)

·WP6 Impact Assessment (TUDelft)

·WP7 Knowledge Community & Standards (CETP mandatory WP) (RISE)

·WP8 Dissemination and Outreach (RISE)

·Physical kick off meeting at (where? (lets agree on a place that could be suitable)

·Wrap up of kick-off meeting!

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