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RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB is a leading international research institute owned by the Swedish government. The RISE group consists of technical units and subsidiary companies covering a wide technical range, employs around 2800 co-workers and bases the services on its core values: trust, innovation and added value for the industry.


Ocean Harvesting Technologies AB

Ocean Harvesting Technologies AB was founded in 2007 in Karlskrona, Sweden, to develop wave power technology. R&D has been focused on optimal control to maximize energy production and to control the buoy motion and load case, and to integrate energy storage in the system to smoothen captured power into a constant and predictable output.


Gdanks University of Technology

Gdansk University is a leading technical and research university in Poland. The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at GUT gathers research teams developing technologically advanced solutions in the field of characterization and modelling of innovative materials for civil engineering. In the WECHULL+ project, Gdansk University will focus on developing predictive numerical tools to simulate the behavior of newly designed circular materials.


TUdelft University of Technology


TUDelft is a world-renowned University with significant expertise in civil engineering and offshore renewables. TUD involvement is based on the long-term expertise of the members with regards to numerical wave modelling, climate statistics, wave structure interactions,  and development of machine learning for metocean data, and techno-economic studies for the benefits of marine renewable energies at local and EU scale. In the WECHULL+ project the Machine Learning (ML) process will be trained with ultra-high-fidelity data and will use a cradle-to-life approach to quantify LCA and societal impacts associated with the design cases. TUD will contribute to the technical specification of the user cases, integrating the novel designs into the detailed sustainability assessment, uniquely including the engineering considerations.


SolarDuck is currently building the world’s leading offshore floating solar company while offering societies access to affordable renewable electricity, through the delivery of turnkey and profitable offshore floating solar solutions.


Plataforma Oceánica de Canarias (PLOCAN)


PLOCAN is a public research entity, recognized as a ICTS (unique scientific & technical infrastructure) by the Spanish Science ministry. PLOCAN manages a unique infrastructure, including a hash lab and an ocean test site, and provides auxiliary services, devoted to the development of ocean R&D with focus on the sustainable and responsible use of the marine resources.

Carnegie Clean Energy

Carnegie is the owner and developer of the CETO® technology, which captures energy from ocean waves and converts it into electricity. They use the latest advances in artificial intelligence and electric machines to optimally control the device and generate electricity in the most efficient way possible. They have a long history in ocean energy with a track record of world leading developments.




Pekabex is an international construction company: a leading manufacturer of prefabricated structures, general contractor and developer with extensive experience in design, production, assembly and comprehensive construction and investment services. Established in 1972, it currently employs over two thousand specialists in offices, factories and construction sites in Poland, Germany and Scandinavia.

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