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Image by Ivan Bandura


Sustainable Concrete Material Leading to Improved Substructures for Offshore Renewable Energy Technologies

The WECHULL+ Project 

The main objective of WECHULL+ is to demonstrate (TRL4-6) a new, sustainable, circular and reliable concrete material suitable for floating substructures in the offshore renewable energy sector; to model, test and validate it in the real ocean environment. WECHULL+ objectives and activities are based upon the learnings and proof-of-concept (TRL4) of a new sustainable concrete mix with high-performance in marine environment, carried out within the WECHULL project (TRL4). WECHULL+ takes these efforts to a European level, where experts in the field of material sciences, predictive modelling, field testing, critical loads assessment, biofouling, technology development, extreme load analysis, social sciences and environmental impact assessment, are brought together to validate and verify the WECHULL+ concrete material and its real application through sample ant prototype testing (lab and ocean).

This project is funded by the Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETP) program, proposal CETP2022-00127.
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